News archive - Event Review: COST DAY in Skopje

"I am extremely glad to be in Skopje again, where in March 2004 I was unanimously elected President of the COST Committee of Senior Officials for the first time" said Professor Francesco Fedi in his address to the numerous audience convened on March 5, 2008, at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje for the Macedonian COST Day.

The COST day was organised by Katerina Sumanovska, representative of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the COST Committee of Senior Officials, and was opened by Jovan Lazarev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Gorgi Martinovski, Rector and Velimir Stojkovski, Vice-Rector of the St. Cyril and Methodius University.

Presentations by the COST Presidency and by the COST Office followed: “COST: Past, Present and Future” by Francesco Fedi, President of the COST Committee of Senior Officials; “COST Actions: Networks of successful European co-operation” by Afonso Fereira, Head of Science Operations of the COST Office; “COST Structure, Instruments and Tools” by Gunter Siegel, Senior Science Officer of the COST Office; “COST Strategy towards neighboring countries and non-COST countries” and “How to successfully participate in COST” by Wolfgang Obert, Deputy Director of the COST Office.
The COST day was concluded by “COST in Bulgaria” presented by Dijana Peeva and by “Examples of participation in COST Actions” presented by representatives of the local scientific community: Jordan Pop Jordanov, Lidija Krtsevska, Gordana Gaceva, Biljana Minceva-Sukarova, Vlatko Ilieski and
Goce Vasilevski.
After the COST day a visit to the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology took place. The FP6 project “Earthquake protection of Historical Buildings by reversible mixed technologies (PROHITECH)” was illustrated by Kiril Gramatikov and Elena Dumova-Jovanovska.
"I am really impressed by the remarkable participation in COST Actions of the scientific community of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", concluded Professor Fedi "and by the success of the project on Earthquake protectionin FP6 originated from a COST Action, which is a very good example of how COST can be an exploratorium of new ideas and of the complementarity of COST and the Framework Programmes".

Katerina Sumanovska
Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science

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