News archive - Thematic reports on Innovation Infrastructures in the Western Balkan Countries

The Information Office of the Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan Countries produced 6 thematic reports on innovation infrastructures in order to enhance the understanding of the national innovation systems in the target countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia (incl. Kosovo/UNMIK).

Objective: The reports are providing an overview of the situation as regards “Innovation Infrastructures” such as clusters, technology and innovation centres, technological and science parks, business-start-up centres/ technology incubators and some further related organizations. General environment, important strategic documents and main programmes and instruments for support are described. Main infrastructures with contact details are listed.

Methodology: Reports based upon desk research, interviews and questionnaires with main stakeholders.

Structure: Each report consists of the following chapters:
- General Environment for Setting Up Innovation Infrastructures;
- Strategic Documents;
- Specific Programmes and Instruments;
- Financing;
- Key Government Players;
- Key Innovation Infrastructures (providing contact details and description of services):

  • Clusters;
  • Technology/Innovation Centres;
  • Technological and Science Parks; and
  • Business-start-up Centres/ Technology Incubators;

- Conclusions and Recommendations

Editors: Jana Machačová, Elke Dall

Timeframe: The reports were compiled in summer 2007 and updated in October 2007. Further information from readers is welcome.

For more information please contact: or and download the document at: /doc/2331.html.

Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans

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