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Epoka University in Tirana, Albania, is organizing the First International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design (1-ICAUD) which will be held at Epoka University in Tirana, Albania on April 19-21, 2012. An international audience of about 150 persons, including academics, practicing architects, urban designers, and planners is expected.

Call for Abstracts / Poster Proposals is open till January 15, 2012

You are invited to submit an abstract and / or poster proposal to one of the conference tracks listed below: 

  • Architectural history and historic preservation
  • Green building technologies and materials
  • User-friendly public spaces
  • Architecture & urban design education
  • Construction management
  • Information technology in architecture & urban design 
Abstracts / Posters must be submitted for review by January 15, 2012.
Keynote speakers:
Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi, Technical University of Vienna, Austria.
Prof. Dr. Giorgio Gianighian, University of Venice, Italy.
Prof. Dr. Ilknur Kolay, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.
Prof. Dr. Aspa Gospodini, University of Thessaly, Athens, Greece.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Deike Peters, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Martino Tattara, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, Holland.
Dr. Paola Ardizzola, MuseoArchitetturaArte, Pescara, Italy.
Mirela Kamberi, United Nations Development Programme, Albania.
Christos Passas, Zaha Hadid Architects & Architectural Association, London, UK.
Over the past twenty years, Tirana, the capital of Albania, has evolved into a dense, compact, and vibrant city of almost one million people,full of shops, cafés, restaurants, music, colorful buildings, and street life. At the same time, it is choked with automobile traffic,its older façades are crumbling down, and the traditional housing stock is being eroded to make room for condominium buildings.
Sustainable construction technologies are in their infancy. High-tech high-rise architecture is juxtaposed with small scale informal additions to communist-era housing units and pre-communist oriental and Western neoclassic homes. While there is much private wealth in the country, the public sector has limited resources. This set of circumstances makes Tirana a very interesting laboratory for architects andurban designers & planners, and an enjoyable place to visit.
Further information:
Epoka University
Address: Autostrada Tirane-Rinas, Km 12,
Tirana, Albania
Tel.: +355 42 232 086 / +355 42 222 077
Fax.: +355 42 222 117

Source: e-mail by Dr. Dorina Pojani, Epoka University

Geographical focus
  • Albania
  • International; Other
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
  • Engineering and Technology
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