News archive - FP7 PEOPLE - Call for the Re-integration Grants has been launched

The Call for the Re-integration Grants (RG) has been launched on October 9, 2008. In the PEOPLE Work Programme 2009, the European Re-integration Grant (ERG) and the International Re-integration Grant (IRG) have been regrouped under the appellation “Re-integration Grants”. Applications can be submitted continuously and will be evaluated and selected at regular intervals, based on cut-off dates  April 2, 2009, October 8, 2009.

International Reintegration grants are a possibility for WBC to receive funding for returning diaspora - experienced researchers who at the time of application must be nationals of an Associated country and who have been active in research in a third country for at least 3 years.

Objectives of the RG Grants:

• The ERG, European Re-integration Grant, aims at assisting experienced researchers in the (re)integration into a research career after a trans-national mobility experience within the frame of the Marie Curie Actions (FP7 or previous FPs). The ERG offers the opportunity for experienced researchers to capitalize on their experience gained abroad.

• The IRG, International Re-integration Grant, aims to reinforce the attractiveness of Europe by encouraging European researchers who have carried out research outside Europe for at least three years, to reintegrate in a Member State or an Associated Country.

For more information about the RG Call, please read in the Call Fiche.

You can find more information about the Marie Curie Actions in general in the “Marie Curie R&D Guide” and the “People Work Programme 2009”.

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