News archive - REGPOT-Call: Projects currently under negotiation

The projects submitted under the REGPOT-2008-1 call earlier this year are currently under negotiation - news for the Western Balkan countries are quite good with respect to this Research Potential activity. In all selected proposals  under Grant Agreement negotiation, several partnering research organisations from other countries of the region (including Slovenia and Greece) are actively participating.

In more detail, WBC's participation is as follows:

  • Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia submitted 76 eligible proposals to the call which represent 16,85 %;
  • The most important participation (in number of eligible proposals) came from Serbia, followed by Croatia;
  • In the main list, 7 from the 32 proposals are coming from above mentioned 4 countries.

The EC financial contribution to the call is 29 M€.

Source: European Commission, Dr. Marita Kayamanidou, Research Potential manager

Entry created by Elke Dall on September 18, 2008
Modified on September 18, 2008