News archive - INCO-NET Proposal

Based upon the work done by the Information Office, an INCO-NET proposal was submitted by the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in cooperation with 24 partner institutions. The proposed project’s core objectives are the support of the bi-regional dialogue between the EU, associated FP7 countries and the West Balkan countries and the fostering of the participation of WBC researchers in European RTD projects by structural measures.

The S&T ministries from Albania, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are among the partners as well as the official NCP from Bosnia-Herzegovina. In addition, S&T ministries from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey participate to add critical mass and momentum.

The proposed project supports the bi-regional dialogue through the Steering Platform on Research for WBC, as well as the dialogue within the region and information exchange with several EC Directorates General and international stakeholders, such as UNESCO or the World Bank.

The dialogues are to be substantiated by several analytical inputs. It is aimed e.g. to identify research areas of mutual benefit in an inclusive and comprehensive manner. The project proposal also puts emphasis on the building of capacities and the facilitation of networking opportunities.

The proposal was submitted for the deadline of May 2, 2007 to the ‘Capacities’ programme of FP7. Evaluation is being carried out in June. Should it be successful, contract negotiations will start not earlier than September/October. We cross our fingers! (ed)

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