News archive - EC Moves Towards FP7 Simplification

In its recent FP7 Progress Report, the EC included an analysis of the key achievements it has made in its efforts to facilitate participation in the Framework Programme. So far, the period has seen the establishment of the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA) and the Research Executive Agency (REA). In addition, recent months have seen the launch of a new Participants Portal, with the aim of providing one central point of contact between all participants and the EC...

It already incorporates the new Unique Registration Facility (URF), which means that participating organisations only need validation on a one-off basis; in the future it is expected to incorporate negotiation tools, reporting tools, and the facility for organisation representatives to make changes directly into the system.... Other measures taken so far include the review and retention of a 60 per cent transitional flat rate for indirect costs and the option of a lump sum to cover accommodation and travel costs.

Steps for the future include the publication of a Communication on Simplification in 2010. It is expected that this will provide the opportunity to reflect on the legal basis of the Framework programme and to decide whether changes to the legal framework are needed in advance of FP8.

Source: EI09:07 UKRO - European RTD Insight (July 2009)

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