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This Activity will improve the Western Balkan Countries' (WBC) participation in the 7th Framework Programme, will favour brain-gain environments through trans-national two-way exchanges of research staff between research entities established in the WBC and elsewhere in EU and the Associated Countries, and will help them to reinforce their research infrastructure/equipment.

It will enable highest quality or most promising research entities of significant size (such as University Departments, Faculties, specialised Research Institutes or important size research laboratories with at least 10 permanent experienced researchers) in the regions equivalent to the convergence regions of the WBC, qualified in any S&T field within the scope of Community research eligible under the EC FP7, to become actively integrated in the ERA.

Particular requirements for participation
Applicants should be established in the Western Balkan Countries' regions quivalent to convergence regions. All regions of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Montenegro and Serbia are eligible for participation.

The projects must be proposed by a single public or private research entity of significant size. These research entities must not be a subsidiary or branch of another legal entity established in a different country. The projects must involve compulsory cooperation with at least 3 outstanding research 'partnering organisations' established in at least 3 different Member States or Associated Countries, other than that of the applicant. 

The Community contribution envisaged for Coordination and Support Actions (Support Action (CSA-SA)) will be approximately from EUR 1 to 2 million.

Type of activities:

  • Exchange of know-how and experience
  • Recruitment by the applicant of experienced researchers
  • Upgrading, development or acquision of research equipment
  • Organisation of workshops and conferences, dissemination and promotional activities

Deadline: October 15, 2009

Information on funding

FP7 Capacities

Unlocking and developing the research potential of research entities established in the Western Balkan Countries´ regions equivalent to convergence regions

Call identifier:

Budget for the call:
€ 8 000 000

15/10/2009 17:00


Topics in This Call:

Activity/ Area Topics called Funding Schemes
REGPOT-2010-5. Unlocking and developing the research potential of research entities established in the Western Balkan Countries' regions equivalent to convergence regions. Any research topic covered by
the EC FP7
(Support Action)


Short introduction to the programme / what is it about?



More details on the call:

In the proposal, the applicant research entities have to provide evidence of their excellence in research and of their leadership potential in the scientific fields of their competence. They should include a clear description of their main research activities and demonstrate a promising track-record of achievements; self-assess their research accomplishments to demonstrate their potential and expertise; describe the organisation of their entity (who is doing what, short description of available research facilities in terms of staff and durable equipment); provide short CVs of the most important researchers of their entity, list of most recent and significant publications or patents, number of PhD's and/or post-PhD fellows hosted by the applicant entity, collaborations with other RTD entities in the country or elsewhere, possible participation in research programmes or activities funded by the EC, other national or international organisations or the private sector (SMEs, industry, end-users), etc.

A complete SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of the applicant's research entity should be included in the proposal. On this basis, the applicant should propose in the proposal an Action Plan based on a coherent set of measures given below with the aim to further develop or strengthen their S&T research potential and capacity. It will be realised by supporting and mobilising their human and material resources; by developing strategic partnerships with other outstanding research 'partnering organisations' elsewhere in the Union and - wherever appropriate - with SMEs or industry; by disseminating scientific information as well as the results of their entity's research; by facilitating the communication between research entities having similar or complementary scientific interests and by improving their contribution to the socio-economic needs of the country.

The strategy presented in the Action Plan will be implemented in cooperation with the research ‘partnering organisations’. A Steering Committee for research strategy might be foreseen with top class scientists (can be representatives of the 'partnering organisations').

Regional authorities, representatives of the national research bodies, end-users (SMEs, industry, etc) will also participate if appropriate. The Steering Committee will target the sustainability of the Action Plan and the applicant's research agenda beyond the project's end.

No consortium-agreement is required for this call.


Further information on the programme

Click here to access the programme website. 


Contact/additional support (e.g. Helpdesk, contact to NCPs in your country, partnering websites if available, further related links, etc.):

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Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans

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