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 IPA Cross-border co-operation programmes 2007-2013 represent the framework for rapid economic integration, aiming at reducing the existing differences between the levels of development of the cross-border regions, as well as improving the overall cultural, social and scientific cooperation between the local and regional communities. Involving the representatives from both sides of the border, who set up a joint programme, which is governed by a single set of rules, good neighbourhood relations are developed.

For your overview, we have recently added links to the existing programmes in the Western Balkan region.

The Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programmes 2007-2013 are development programmes jointly designed by two bordering countries to tackle common problems and exploit shared potentials.

Recognizing the need to aid these efforts on the Regional level, the European Commission launched the CBIB – Cross Border Institution Building project in June 2006. The project is currently in its second phase, envisaged to last until November 2011.

The programmes are co‐financed by the European Union (EU) within the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA).

IPA is applicable to Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries as well as to the Member States, which share a cross-border programme with those countries.

As far as geographical eligibility is concerned, the same rules apply as under the Structural Funds European Territorial Cooperation Objective (Objective 3). Eligible regions are NUTS III (or equivalent) regions along land and maritime borders between Member States and adjacent (potential) Candidate Countries as well regions along the maritime borders separated by max. 150 km.

Main three priorities of the programmes are:

1) Economic and Social Development

2) Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

3) Technical Assistance.

The ultimate result should certainly be the economic prosperity of cross-border regions, political security and safety in the region, and easier and rapid process of european integration.

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