News archive - CIP: Croatia and FYR of Macedonia expressed interest in joining

The Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIP is subject to individual Association Agreements (not the same as to the EU Framework Programmes for RTD). Croatia has expressed and formed an interest in joining, and discussions have been initiated in view of formalising an agreement in 2007.

Update from EC Officials: "In fact the current planning is for Croatia and Macedonia to join this autumn and possibly all the others (with exception of Kosovo/UNMIK) to join in 2008."

The process of how to become associated to CIP is described in an news item and of course on the CIP website on international cooperation.

Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway are associated countries for the CIP (including the ICT PSP). Organisations from those countries can be financed as from 2007. This process has been formalised in June 2007.

The eligibility of organisations from Croatia is envisaged - final confirmation is expected in early September.

Source:, news from July 29, 2007.

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