News archive - Ministers Sign Budapest-Vienna Declaration on the European Higher Education Area

The ministers responsible for higher education in the countries participating in the Bologna Process (currently comprising 47 states, including the Western Balkans and several international organisations), met in Budapest and Vienna on March 11 and 12, 2010 to launch the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), as envisaged in the Bologna Declaration of 1999.

The ministers' declaration welcomes the global interest in and stakeholders' identification with in the Bologna process, but also confirms that some EHEA action lines such as degree and curriculum reform, quality assurance, recognition, mobility and the social dimension have not been fully implemented yet.

The minsiters therefor promissed to step up their efforts to accomplish the reforms already underway to enable students and staff to be mobile, to improve teaching and learning in higher education institutions, to enhance graduate employability, and to provide quality higher education for all. At national level, they would also strive to improve communication on and understanding of the Bologna Process among all stakeholders and society as a whole. Higher education staff and students shoul be be included more effective in the implementation and further development of the EHEA.

The ministers also reaffirmed that higher education is a public responsibility. They therefore commited themselves, notwithstanding these difficult economic times, to ensuring that higher education institutions have the necessary resources within a framework established and overseen by public authorities.


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Further conference documentation:

Note that in the Bologna Process Independent Assessment (Overview and Conclusions, Detailed Report, Case studies and appendices) a case study on Serbia is being provided (see case studies report).

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