News archive - New reports published focusing on the available RTDI programmes and the SME landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina

MAPEER SME partners overviewed the research, technology development and innovation funding programmes of the 27 EU member states and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The programmes have been analysed from the point of view of SMEs, namely how do these programmes support the SMEs in their research and innovation activities and how successful do they have been. The analysis points out to the success or failure factors of the programmes as well as some other special characteristics of them. The reports, one focusing on the available RTDI programmes  and another one on the SME landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the EU level compendium of the 28 national reports is publicly available on

Public report on the analysis of SMEs and stakeholders’ needs, requirements and feedback to overcome barriers for research & innovation activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Report is the result of survey performed on SME and Business supporting sector which have gathered relevant data on the issue of SME vs. RTD programmes (active and closed) in the period of last five (5) years. It’s also a result of a number of interviews with managers of RTD programmes and/or responsible persons in National/Regional Ministries. Hopefully, this document and its conclusions will significantly contribute to better understanding of RTD&I frame in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of SME sector.

Comprehensive analysis of programmes and initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina that assist the Collaboration between science and SME

The National Report on SME RTD Programmes and Initiatives aims at providing the national context within which the individual programmes are investigated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this respect it includes national key-data and information as regards the following

  • a) the national research and innovation policy, system and performance including an overview of the programme profiles. This section also includes, among others, the national strengths and weaknesses when it comes to research and innovation and SMEs
  • b) Main industrial sectors and data on their R&D performance
  • c) Main structure of SMEs landscape including SME profiles, size, sectors, research and innovation barriers, etc. taking into account the results of the surveys and interviews carried out under WP3.

Source: Zoran Dimitrijević, (Agency for economic development PREDA)

Geographical focus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

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