News archive - [Event Review] Conference: Media, Poverty and Social Exclusion in Novi Sad

On May 7, 2011 the Department of Media Studies and the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad organized the conference, Media, Poverty and Social Exclusion, as part of the project, "Media Discourse of Poverty and Social Exclusion", within the framework of the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP), which is operated by the University of Fribourg upon a mandate of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

The conference gathered 24 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania who have worked in the following seven thematic sessions:

  • Contexts of poverty
  • Women and poverty
  • Media specific discourse of poverty
  • Role of media in poverty alleviation
  • Politics of poverty
  • Poverty online
  • Social exclusion of Roma

Opening the conference, Professor Ivana Zivancevic Sekerus, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Science and International Cooperation stressed the importance of international projects; expressing belief in the conference's ability to better the media's image of poverty and aid in the advancement of science.

Throughout the discussions and presentations, participants concluded that the media in their respective countries do not provide sufficient space regarding poverty, although there are examples of good practice, which proves that the media retains their role in poverty reduction campaigns and initiatives. Women and Roma have been accentuated as the most vulnerable groups whose media representations, in most cases, are based on stereotypes.

More information and a book of abstracts is available here.

Source: Email from Jasmina Opardija-Susnjar, RRPP

Geographical focus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • International; Other
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Serbia

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