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In the programme Albania CARDS 2005, a call is open till August 31, 2007 for "Support to marginalised people".

Reference: EuropeAid/125638 /L/ACT/AL
Deadline for receipt of applications: 31 August 2007 at 13:00 Tirana time

The overall objective of this programme is to provide social support for vulnerable groups, to integrate otherwise disadvantaged groups into the labour market and in general to assists the social and economic recovery of poor areas of the country.
Organisations are encouraged to submit lively, imaginative and original proposals intended to:

  • Provide assistance to disadvantaged groups of population;
  • Improve literacy and the provision of educational services for children;
  • Promote integration into the labour market through adult and vocational training;
  • Stimulate income-generating activities.

Any project proposal with potential to improve the lives of citizens living under poverty in non-urban areas is welcome under this call for proposals.

Partnership with other civil society organisations, the direct involvement of ordinary people and collaboration with local and central institutions and other stakeholders (eg. representatives of the business community) are encouraged.

The overall indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is EUR 400.000 (between 80.000 and 150.000 euro per grant awarded).
Actions must take place in Albania.

Projects implemented in rural, remote areas are especially welcome. Activities may include (list is not exhaustive):

  • Community-based activities in support of marginalised people;
  • Organisation of educational activities (family planning, public health courses) including purchase of books or other educational and training material;
  • Vocational training activities;
  • Income generating activities.

The following types of action are ineligible according to the guide for proposers:

  • actions concerned only or mainly with individual sponsorships for participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses;
  • actions concerned only or mainly with individual scholarships for studies or training courses;
  • One-off conferences. Conferences can only be funded if 1) they are duly justified and they fall under the specific objectives of the call and 2) they form part of a wider range of activities to be implemented in the lifetime of the project. For these purposes preparatory activities for a conference and the publication of the proceedings of a conference, do not in themselves constitute such “wider activities”;
  • Projects which consist entirely or in most part of preparatory works or studies;
  • Projects supporting individual political parties;
  • Core funding of the applicants or (where relevant) its partners;
  • Deficit funding and capital endowments;
  • Financial subventions to other organisations;
  • Purchase of building and offices;
  • Retroactive financing for projects that are already in implementation or completed.

Further information:
Please search at by country / Albania, "open" calls for "grants" to find the Guidelines for Applicants, the Grant Application Form and its Annexes B-G.

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