News archive - WBC-INCO.NET: New Partners in Science and Innovation Cooperation

As of October 2010, WBC-INCO.NET entered a new, enhanced phase, putting a special emphasis on innovation-related activities. In this context, three new partners − responsible for innovation in Albania, the FYR of Macedonia and Montenegro − joined the project consortium to ensure that the responsible institutions for innovation of all WBCs are represented in the project:

The Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, the Macedonian Ministry of Economy and the Montenegrin Directorate for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Furthermore, the Albanian Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation has joined the project as an additional partner at the beginning of 2011 and will officially replace the Albanian organisation Trenkwalder CIVET 2000 SHPK.

Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy

 The Business Promotion Department at METE is responsible for designing policies for investment development, exports and SMEs. It promotes entrepreneurship and encourages business innovation in order to increase regional and global competitiveness. The Department also contributes to strengthening the ability of relevant Albanian institutions to develop, implement and monitor the SME policy and supports them in the elaboration of entrepreneurship and innovation programmes.

 Albanian Agency for Research, Technologyand Innovation (ARTI)

Established by a decision of the Albanian Council of Ministers, ARTI started its activities in March 2010. It aims to build a modern science system, to strengthen research and technology and to integrate S&T in the higher education system. ARTI facilitates the exchange of knowledge, mutual activities and partnerships at national and international level and acts as a coordinating structure for national, bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs and projects.

 Macedonian Ministry of Economy (MOE-MK)

MOE-MK is responsible for documents and programs regarding economic and industrial policy, SME competitiveness and innovation enhancement in the FYR of Macedonia. The Department for Industry and the Department for Competitiveness and Innovation are particularly engaged in innovation policies. It is envisaged to involve many other development stakeholders in the Ministry’s innovation-related activities for further dialogue and consultation.

 Montenegrin Directorate for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (DDSME)

DDSME has an important mission in the overall socio-economic progress of Montenegro, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship and SME development. Among others, DDSME is responsible for the definition of an SME strategy, the preparation and realisation of SME development projects and programs, the coordination of programs, measures and activities related to SME development and the observation of financial support for SMEs from national and international sources.

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