News archive - 2009 - The European Year on Creativity and Innovation

Each year, the European Parliament and the Council chose a specific theme to which the year shall be devoted, in order to raise awareness of the issue issue, to stimulate policy debate and research and to provide information on  best-preactise models. The year 2009 has been dedicated to creativity and innovation, focussing on the importance of creativity in private and public life.

Hundreds of conferences, projects and exhibitions will take place across Europe during the year, with the common objective of raising awareness of the need for imaginative solutions to today’s challenges.

In nowadays changing environment the motor of development in the world is rapid innovation. As the EU moves to a knowledge-based economy, it must develop its potential for creativity, e.g. in the fields of education, culture, entrepreneurship and environment. 

A few examples of the many activities planned by both the EU and its member states throughout the year:

  • a European Entrepreneurship Video Award;
  • several public debates, fora and conferences on key topics around creativity and innovation;
  • the European SME week in May, including events in Croatia and Serbia and
  • the European Future Technologies Conference (FET09).

Sources and further information: Europe Media Newsletter January 2009;

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