News archive - “Knowledge based competitive entrepreunership" conference report

From 4th of September till 6th of September international conference “Knowledge based  competitive entrepreunership" took place in Osijek Croatia. The conference was organised by Bussiness Incubator BIOS in collaboration with Centre for Entrepreneurship Pakrac and Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek.

The topics covered at the conference were:

  • current projects regarding fostering  of entrepreneurial competitiveness
  • projects presented by successful entrepreneurs
  • transfer of  knowledge into business
  • local government and collaboration with entrepreneurs

More than 100 participants from eight countries (USA, Canada, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia) actively participated in the event.

 The outcome of the conference was also a survey on transfer of technology and  competitivness. The survey with the focus on technological transfer from science to business projects, was answered by 66 participants of the conference - 43 from Croatia, and 23 from abroad, as well as 19 users of Technological Park Zagreb.

Analysis showed that the responsibility for weak transfer from science to bussines acording to respondents is divided evenly between science and business.

The respondents think that home companies lack resources( financial, human resources), and that resources are too modest for research and development. To great extent the opinion about unfavorable bussines climate (insolvency and corruption) was represented among the respondents.

The participants agreed on the necessity of stronger financial and logistic support of  export-import oriented companies, while the idea of protectionism is sendomly present.


The results of the survey and presenations are available in Croatian on:

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