News archive - Serbia became the LLP participating country, possibly followed by other WBC

DG Education and Culture has informed that Serbia has signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the 21 December 2011 for its participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme. 

This means that the formal steps have been completed for Serbia's participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme. Consequently, organisations in Serbia are eligible to participate as partners in the relevant centralised actions of the LLP Call 2012, as outlined on page 8 (1.6 New Countries) in the Instructions for completing the Application Form and its attachments and in the Explanations by action.  This means that organisations from Serbia can participate both as applicant and partners.

Furthermore, the FYR of Macedonia might sign the Memorandum in due time. Recently, FYR of Macedonia has confirmed their intention to participate in the Lifelong Learning Programme as of 2012, and are now in the process of completing the formal steps to become LLP participating countries.

The European Commission has announced that Albania will not participate in the Call 2012. For applications to be submitted, this means that organisations from Albania cannot participate as full partners in the applications, but have to be treated as Third Country partners together with remaining WBC. More information are available at

Based on the information from the Application and selection procedures Call 2012 (EAC/27/11), organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have confirmed their intention to participate in the Lifelong Learning Programme as LLP  participating countries only as of 2013. Thus, they can continue to participate in the 2012 Call for proposals under the provisions laid out for Third Country participation in the above mentioned document.

Croatia already belongs to the LLP participating countries.

Deadline for the transversal programme of the LLP Call 2012 is on the March 1, 2012.

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