News archive - New web portal EURAXESS for information of young scientists

At the beginning of June, the new webportal EURAXESS was launched, streamlining the various services that have previously been offered under the European Researcher Mobility Portal - ERA-MORE Network.

The new portal is divided into four subchapters:
* 'EURAXESS Jobs' offers a daily updated database for job vacancies, funding opportunities and fellowships for researchers;
* 'EURAXESS Services Network' is a network of more than two hundred offices located in 35 European countries, helping incoming and outgoing researchers and their families to plan and organise their stay abroad;
* 'EURAXESS Rights' provides information regarding the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers;
* 'EURAXESS Links' dedicated to European researchers working outside Europe, offers extensive information about research and career opportunities in Europe as well as networking events and newsletters for European researchers living abroad.

EURAXESS Jobs is a free one-stop-shop listing resaerch jobs and funding opportunities in Europe. The service is free of charge.

EURAXESS Services is a network of more than 200 centres located in 35 European countries. A team of well informed staff is at your disposal across Europe. Also in Croatia, Serbia and FYR of Macedonia.

EURAXESS-Links is a networking tool for European researchers in the US. It provides information about research in Europe, European research policy, opportunities for research funding, for international collaboration and for trans-national mobility.

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Entry created by Elke Dall on June 27, 2008
Modified on June 27, 2008