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CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, has updated its database bringing together project partners for FP7.
The CORDIS Partners Service is a free on-line tool, tailor-made to help users to find the best research partners for their projects, either in the context of EU-funded Research and Development projects or within a broader search for technology-orientated partnerships. The service includes details on thousands of active partnership requests from companies, research institutions and universities across Europe and around the world.

The three core functions of the service enable users to:

  • publish their partner profile on CORDIS by entering their project idea or specific expertise,
  • search the partner profiles submitted by other organisations,
  • Update or delete their existing profile online at any time using their CORDIS user name and password.

Users can tailor the profiles and searches according to the FP7 research themes and sub-programmes as categories and organisations can choose to have their profiles quality checked by the National Contact Points (NCPs), the official support network for FP7 applicants and participants. This improves both quality of information and credibility, since such profiles will be marked with a special 'quality stamp' visible to users searching the CORDIS Partners Service.

Source: CORDIS Partners Service

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