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Three cooperating INCO-NETs (with focus on the regions Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and South East Asia) will contribute to the development of a common database on relevant national and international science policies and programmes tackling global issues such as climate change. The topic of research dealing with the topics of climate mitigation and adaptation has been chosen initially, further "global issues" will follow depending on the success of this first initiative.

A website has been created which contains a database at which research programmes and strategies will be published and the users are also invited to enter new research programmes.

The research programmes are recorded based on a template provided by ERAWATCH. If you are interested in research programmes in the European Union with this focus, please visit

The programmes and strategies from the Western Balkan countries will be gathered by Gorazd Weiss at, but users are also invited to directly submit research funding programmes tackling global issues.


Current (November 2008) data entries are as follows:


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