News archive - Balkan Case Challenge 2008: Invitation for participation

WUS Austria invites exceptional students from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo/UNMIK, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, who study law, economics, political sciences, international relations, information technologies or related disciplines to take part in the Balkan Case Challenge 2008.

On an international level the BCC International Case Study Competition will be held between July 6 and 11, 2008, Sub-Competitions will be held in the respective countries/region between mid of April and mid of May 2008.

The around 140 winners out of all the Sub-Competitions will compete in the competition in Vienna. Prerequisite for participants to compete in the Sub-Competitions is a successful admission via an online process, following established criteria.

Applications are to be submitted online until March 31, 2008.

At both competition levels students participate in of the four different disciplines:

  • Business Case Competition
  • Model European Council
  • Law Moot Court
  • ICT Case Competition

In addition, the Balkan Case Challenge 2008 facilitates recruitment processes during the Sub-Competitions and the BCC 2008 International Case Study Competition, where students present themselves to potential employers and representatives of international companies get the chance to recruit future staff from the region.

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