News archive - Stability Pact Launches Comprehensive Database on Postgraduate Scholarships

As part of its priority work in the area of Building and Fostering Human Capital, the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe has launched a comprehensive database on scholarships and grant opportunities for students from the region.

Update: January 2008: Presentations of the database in the region organised.

The database offers information for graduate students from South Eastern Europe on available scholarships and grants in the EU Member States and beyond. While the database was compiled by the Stability Pact, the aim of this project is to transfer it into an established regionally-owned, constantly updated information service as soon as possible.

“The opportunity to be informed about scholarships and grants should not be a privilege of the few, everyone should be able to have the benefit to study in a wider European educational space,” Marijana Grandits, Director of the Stability Pact’s Working Table I, whose team compiled the data, said at the launch event.

Initial coverage of the Postgraduate Scholarships and Grant Opportunities in Social Sciences only will gradually be expanded and will cover all fields of study. In fact, already some of the Scholarships and Grant Programmes included in the database cover other disciplines, including natural sciences and engineering.

Source and access to the database: Stability Pact Website /link/1119.html, as accessed in March 2007.

A presentation of the Database on Scholarship and Grant Opportunities for SEE is held on January 21, 2008, at the North Mitrovica University and on January 18, 2008, at the Prishtina University in Kosovo/UNMIK.

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