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The Information Office of the Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan Countries has published country reports reviewing the situation of Science and Technology in the region.
The reports are a compilation of main papers published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the Southeast European Era-Net (SEE-ERA.NET), the Austrian ‘Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Forschung’, and several independent scholars on the issue of S&T in the Western Balkans.
The objective of these studies is to enhance our understanding of national innovation systems. An overview of the situation in S&T regarding the main stakeholders, input and output indicators, national strategies and priorities and main documents and laws in the field is given.

The system of innovation approach was taken into account when compiling these reports, and covers important factors influencing the development, diffusion and use of innovations, as well as the relations between these factors. It does not place emphasis on individual firms or research organisations, but rather on innovation as an interactive and interdependent process.
Relevant organisations in this respect are firms, higher education institutions, government agencies etc., interacting to create knowledge and innovation. The macro-level of the system is analysed using indicators such as R&D personnel ratios, R&D expenditure, patent application intensity rates etc.
The reports were compiled in summer/autumn 2006 by the Information Office and were reviewed by local actors.

All readers are invited to add comments on the content and the structure of the documents. Please also suggest further resources that we can include – also any additional topics. Please send your input directly to Elke Dall at

Article published in eJournal winter 06/07.

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