News archive - EC Calls on Civil Society to Contribute to Kosovo/UNMIK 2009 Progress Report

The 2009 Progress Report on by Kosovo/UNMIK, expected to be published in autumn, will follow the same structure as the 2008 report and will assess progress made since October 2008. It will be complemented by a study analysing and presenting options for future relations between Kosovo/UNMIK and the EU.

The European Commission Liaison Office (ECLO) to Kosovo/UNMIK highly values the dialogue with local civil society organisations as contributors to the progress report and as a key partner to make EU integration tangible for the local society. ECLO is soliciting written input to the 2009 Progress Report to be sent by 21 April 2009.

Furthermore, a Parallel Consultation on IPA Programming and Progress Reports in other countries was announced.

An information session with civil society organisations will be organised on 28 April to discuss any further input or clarifications. Contributions should be sent to the following email address:

More information on last year’s Progress Report are available at ECLO website. Similar consultations are expected to take place in other countries and have already been announced in some countries. 

Source: Balkan Civil Society Development Network MAiling Weekly e-mail alerts #181.

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