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“Transport” in the region of the Western Balkan countries is not a focus in the 7th framework programme for the near future, the issue summer 07 of the eJournal provides an overview on the ongoing activities.

Although all topics in the upcoming Work Programme 2008 “Transport (including aeronautics)” will most probably be open to international cooperation, only Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries (the so-called EECA countries), China, India, and South Africa are specifically mentioned in the draft available.
However, as associated countries, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia have the same opportunities for participation in FP7 calls as their colleagues from the EU.
Topics that could be of special interest for the Western Balkan countries
include “Interoperability and Safety” (although probably no call open in 2008), “Stimulation of International Cooperation within Surface Transport Research” (call probably open in 2008), and “International
co-operation and awareness” (call probably open in 2008). The final draft of the Work Programme is envisaged to be finished by the end of August 2007, with its adoption in November. The next calls (2nd calls, Energy and Transport - TREN) are expected to open in November 2007.

Even if currently the participation of WBC countries is not specifically encouraged in the area of “transport” in the 7th framework programme,
there are nevertheless several other interesting projects and initiatives working in this field:

South East European Transport Research Forum - SETREF

The South East European Transport Forum (SETREF) is an international non-governmental non-profit association of organisations devoted to the promotion of transport research and/or education, based in South East European countries. The organisation publishes a very good newsletter for the areas “research” and “transport” for South East Europe. See the most recent issue for more information about upcoming FP7 calls: /link/2200.html.
SETREF participates in two FP6 projects - PREMIA, which investigates the effectiveness of different measures to promote market entry of alternative motor fuels, and FRIGHTWISE, which aims to promote the modal shift of cargo flows from exclusive road use to intermodal fright transport.
More information: /org/2178.html

South East Europe Transport Observatory - SEETO

The South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) aims to promote
the development of the core regional transport network, and is funded by technical assistance from the EU in the CARDS programme. The overall aim of SEETO is to encourage cooperation in the area of regional transport. With an office situated in Belgrade, the SEETO steering committee consists of ministries from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, UNMIK Kosovo, and representatives from the EC Directorate-General for Energy and Transport. SEETO has recently published the “South-East Europe Core Regional Transport Network Development Plan, Five Year Multi Annual Plan 2008 to 2012”.
Download: /doc/2181.html

Southeast European Cooperative Initiative - SECI

The Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) was established in 1996, to strengthen regional cooperation and to promote public private partnerships in Southeast Europe. Based on similar initiatives in other parts of Europe, the network established several PRO Committees, which are integrally related with customs authorities and relevant government organisations, and work in close cooperation with private sector bodies.
The SECIPRO network has been working for regional trade and transport
facilitation, bringing together the public and private sector for improved policy making and policy implementation in this field.
The main activities are:
* Implementation of the Trade Facilitation Component of the World Bank programme for Trade and Transport Facilitation in Southeast Europe (TTFSE/TFC - see below)
* Identification and resolution of problems related to border crossing
on a bilateral and trilateral level
* Raising public awareness of challenges and threats related to security and corruption
* Building capacities and local expertise through cooperation with international professional organisations
More information: /org/2179.html

Trade and Transport Facilitation in Southeast Europe Program - TTFSE

The objective of TTFSE II, a follow-up of TTFSE, will be to increase the trade competitiveness of Southeast Europe. The programme aims at improving the availability of adequate logistics services connecting the region with its neighbours, as well as regional and global markets. This will be achieved through supporting infrastructure and technical assistance, while strengthening the capacity of the private sector to provide logistic services. At the core of TTFSE II is the corridor approach to trade and transport facilitation in Southeast Europe.
The programme is the result of a collaborative effort between the national governments in the region, the World Bank, and the United States in collaboration with the European Union.
More information: /org/2180.html

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