News archive - Timeline for new TEMPUS Programme

After the end of TEMPUS III in December 2006, the preparation for its successor is under way. The timeline will probably be:
-> March 5-6, 2007: decision-meeting about the new programme by EC and the EU Member States on ministerial level
-> Mid-2007: publication of the new programme
-> November, December 2007: first deadline for project proposals

"The third phase of the Tempus programme expired on 31 December 2006. The last deadline for the submission of Joint European Project proposals under Tempus III was on 15 December 2006. The selection results for this application round will be available in June 2007. New projects will then start in September 2007.

The European Commission continues to consider higher education as a priority for its co-operation activities with the countries surrounding the European Union. The Tempus programme, with its strong focus on institution-based university co-operation, will therefore be continued over the period 2007 to 2013. The content and modalities of Tempus IV are currently being developed. There will be no deadlines for the submission of proposals during the first semester 2007. Further information will be made available in due course on this website."

Source: Tempus Website, as accessed in March 2007.

Teaser published in the eJournal winter 06/07.

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