News archive - New Survey on Student Mobility in the WBC

The King Baudouin Foundation has recently published a study on student mobility in the West Balkans, conducted by Milos Besic, a political science Professor at the University of Podgorica. The survey aims to identify the perception, attitudes and experiences of students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia regarding studying abroad. It shows that contrary to what was presumed so far, the visa problem is only one of several factors causing the limited mobility of students from the Western Balkans.

Indeed further elements include the availability of information to students, the lack of cooperation between universities, embassies and national authorities, administrative burden, high costs of studying abroad, few scholarships in place, missing cooperation/exchange programmes between EU and Western Balkan universities, etc.

The report therefore formulates recommendations aiming at optimising conditions for students from the Western Balkans to undertake studies in the European Union.

The report is available for download in the document section.

Source: Website of the King Baudouin Foundation, as accessed on January 30, 2009.

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