News archive - Visa liberalisation: Kosovo UN Res 1244 discusses in a recent article the visa problems of Kosovar citizens (UN Res 1244). For them a smooth, visa-free border-crossing is possible in only five countries: Albania, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey and Haiti (the last one is doubtless not the common destination for Kosovars). Other countries either do not let the citizens of Kosovo enter their territories without a valid visa, or do not recognize their ‘blue’ passports at all (thus not approving their entry whatsoever – Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina being the most quoted examples).

Although the government is obviously striving to make some progress in terms of gaining visa liberalization, the EU does not seem to be impressed. Not addressing the Kosovo status issue, the EU has recently accepted the role of mediator in a newly launched technical dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo (UN Res 1244).

Unlike its Balkan neighbors, it remains the only country that has not yet specified where exactly it stands on the path towards EU integration. There is no visa roadmap, no Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), and, needless to say, no EU membership application.

The European Commission Liaison Office in Prishtina underlines that the visa facilitation measures should not be overlooked. Pending the entry into force of a possible visa free regime, it is important to focus on how the visa process can be facilitated for some categories of applicants (for example, students, researchers, members of civil society organizations, etc.). The EU already has several visa facilitation agreements with countries as diverse as Albania, Ukraine or Moldova. These measures include, for instance, lower visa fees, simplified visa procedures or more scholarships and exchange programs for students and researchers.


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