News archive - DG Enlargement Progress Report for Serbia: Science and Research

The Progress Reports presented by DG Enlargement also contain an assessment of developments in the field of science and research (in the chapter dealing with education, research and culture). In the following we present this specific paragraphs from the report on Serbia to our readers.

In the area of science and research, Serbia has been very active and successful in obtaining research projects under the Seventh EC Research Framework Programme (FP7). A promotion bureau for research cooperation with international partners has been set up. However, further efforts on research cooperation under FP7 remain necessary in particular with respect to the involvement of SMEs and the mobility of scientists. The fact that Serbia also became associated with the Competition and Innovation Programme (CIP) is a positive step towards engaging the private sector in research and innovation. The procedure to associate Serbia with the Seventh Euratom Research Framework Programme (2007-2011), as requested by Serbia, is proceeding well and the aim is to make the association effective in the course of 2010.
Possibilities for increased cooperation between Serbia and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) are under discussion.
With respect to designing an integrated research policy aiming inter alia at increasing investment in research and ensuring a sufficient number of scientists, Serbia proposed a draft national strategy in August 2009. Adoption and implementation need to follow as part of Serbia's integration into the European Research Area. National funding of research is still very low.
The national EURAXESS Jobs Portal as well as the EURAXESS Services Network, which aims to facilitate the mobility of researchers, has been established in a fully satisfactory way.


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