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Principles of Research and Innovation (RRI) can act as enablers for the sustainable development of the local R&I systems, enhancing the effectiveness of R&I strategies contributing to the advancement of Western Balkan socio-economic progress in a transparent, open, and inclusive way through active participation of all quadruple helix actors. The Horizon 2020-funded project maps the situation, creates good practice examples in the region and established working groups related to gender, ethics, science education, public engagement, open science and open access - join now:

WBC-RRI.NET aims to foster the application of RRI principles at the territorial level in five (5) Western Balkan [4 region-level and 1 country-level] R&I ecosystems and promote a multi-level steering R&I governance framework in the WB region. RRI principles act as enablers to the shared learning and diffusion of R&I governance innovations at territorial level, enhancing R&I planning, including S3 Strategies in WB.
The project’s approach evolving through an analytical, reflective and implementation thread, operationally addresses the 5 WB territories (partners represent all parts of the quadruple helix) and subsequently influence the wider WB region, by activating the embedding of RRI into their R&I ecosystems. This is realised by RRI activities throughout the entire project (horizontal aspect), raising an active dialogue in the wider WB region and fostering the comprehension of all RRI pillars under a holistic framework based on a ‘smart directionality’ approach, offering stakeholder engagement with a focus on citizen participation. Alongside, 5 RRI ‘anchor’ initiatives (vertical aspect), as interventions touching in-depth specific RRI keys, territorial features and scientific domains, will allow RRI principles to be rooted in the territorial ecosystems leading to concrete impact to R&I territorial policies and societal regional needs. Finally, impact evaluation and dissemination activities focus on the project’s long-term sustainability.

Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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