S4D4C has ended – long live European Union Science Diplomacy!

Although the project "Using Science for/in Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges" or short "S4D4C" has officially ended (in April 2021), work on the topic of science diplomacy will continue under the umbrella of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance. In fact, following the success of the three Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects on science diplomacy, 16 participating and affiliated institutions have announced this Alliance at the final meeting of S4D4C in March and met for the first time on June 10th. The Alliance is a collaborative initiative to sustain and grow the activities, networks, impact and legacy of the following projects: EL-CSID – European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy, S4D4C – Using Science for/in Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges, and InsSciDE – Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe.

The founding members include European universities and research centers, foundations, diplomatic academies and multilateral organisations (see here for the list of members and global networking partners). The Alliance will support research and networking to advance science, technology and innovation diplomacy in Europe and beyond to address global challenges. It will also facilitate dialogue, training, institutional capacity building and coordination of joint funding to enhance the collective impact. Learn more about the Alliance https://www.science-diplomacy.eu/

The Alliance will in particular support the legacy of the S4D4C project in various ways:

  • The website www.s4d4c.eu will staz available until 2025. It features the results developed, for example our final impact report, which is tracing back the contribution of the project to the science diplomacy landscape, the review of the Final Networking Meeting and the concluding interview.
  • The S4D4C twitter has been transformed into @SciDipAlliance and is being continued under the umbrella of the Alliance.
  • Through this mailing list we aim to continue to inform you about EU science diplomacy activities. If you wish to unsubscribe, please send us an email to contact@science-diplomacy.eu ... 
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