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On 23 February 2021, the Commission published a proposal to set up 10 new European Partnerships between the European Union, Member States and/or industry. The partnerships aim to improve and accelerate the development and uptake of new innovative solutions across different sectors, by mobilising public and private resources. They will also contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal and strengthen the European Research Area.

The EU will provide nearly €10 billion of funding that the partners will match with at least an equivalent amount of investment. This combined contribution is expected to mobilise additional investments in support of the transitions, and create long-term positive impacts on employment, the environment and society.

The ten Partnerships, some of which are building on existing joint undertakings, are the following:

  1. Global Health EDCTP3
  2. Innovative Health Initiative
  3. Key Digital Technologies
  4. Circular Bio-based Europe
  5. Clean Hydrogen
  6. Clean Aviation
  7. Europe's Rail
  8. Single European Sky ATM Research 3
  9. Smart Networks and Services
  10. Metrology

The proposal for a Regulation, the Single Basic Act, establishing nine joint undertakings based on Article 187 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) will be adopted by the Council of the European Union, following consultation with the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee. The separate proposal for the Metrology partnership based on Article 185 TFEU will be adopted by a decision of the European Parliament and the Council, following consultation with the Economic and Social Committee.

For more information.

EC press release

The proposal can be downloaded here:

Proposal on Metrology

Proposal on Joint Undertakings

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