News archive - Public Procurement in Montenegro and North Macedonia, 2019

SIGMA has carried out reviews against the Principles of Public Administration in the EU candidate countries and potential candidates since 2015. Monitoring reports covering the full scope of the Principles were prepared in 2015 and 2017, and reports for 2021 will also be published in December 2021. Reviews were also performed in 2016 and in 2019 against selected areas. These reviews analyse performance against standard benchmarks and performance criteria, establishing both the state of play at a point in time and the subsequent progress a country makes towards the standards for good governance and requirements for successful European integration, as set out in the Principles and its indicators. Regional comparisons and detailed and sequenced recommendations for reform are provided.

Since 2017, these reviews have been carried out based on the Methodological Framework for the Principles of Public Administration. This framework provides an accurate and balanced measure of each Principle, ensuring systematic focus on implementation.

Reviews against the Principles of Public Administration are also carried out in some of the European Neighbourhood partner countries based on the interest and initiative of each individual country.

Reports on FYR of North Macedonia and Montenegro were also covering, next to the public administration in general, the latest developments in the public procurement until 2019. Summary of the findings can be found in our document section in linked documents below.

Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
  • Republic of North Macedonia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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