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"Dare the unexpected"

Talent is equally spread across the world but opportunities are not. Entrepreneurs have a natural urge to go against the norm and find their own path. We at EIT Digital believe in innovators who set out to break down barriers and change an industry, no matter where they come from. Through our Venture Program we invest in individuals who may well come from locations other than usual but have the energy to become future global entrepreneurs. As we know that entrepreneurial talent is everywhere, we bring opportunity to where talent is. Join us on this journey and help us to champion the unexpected!

The EIT Digital Venture Program supports entrepreneurial teams from 20 countries with deep tech business ideas to finalise their MVP and start their venture. The program offers an eight-week Pre-Acceleration executed by five regional partners in Greece, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. Also, teams receive financial support of up to €25,000 in 3 stages from MVP to incorporation up to finding a first investor. 


International growth support for European entrepreneurs

  • Get financial support of up to € 25,000

  • Develop your Minimum Viable Product

  • Establish your deep tech venture

  • Get business development help from top international experts

  • Join Europe's leading innovation ecosystem

WBC countries are covered under Region 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.




The EIT Digital Venture Program helps entrepreneurs with deep tech business concepts to:

  • Develop and finalise their Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Establish their startup company
  • Find a first investor

The EIT Digital Venture Program has always been a mainly virtual program connecting founders from a broad geography in online sessions. Due to the current situation we are prepared to run also the bootcamps and final pitch days completely online.

How it works

The Venture Program takes you from idea to investment within less than a year. The ambitious trajectory takes entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea to build a technical MVP, test it on the market and raise additional funding. With each accomplishment you unlock further benefits.

Start off with the GROWTH PACKAGE

Start off with the GROWTH PACKAGE
  • A two-day Bootcamp (possibly online only)
  • A 8-week virtual Pre-Acceleration Phase
    • training in entrepreneurial skills
    • support to develop and finalise your MVP from entrepreneurial experts
  • € 5,000 cash prize

Succeed with your MVP

Succeed with your MVP Teams who successfully complete the program, incorporate on time and present a strong MVP, qualify for the first tranche of the Final Prize of 10,000 €

Find a follow-up investor

Find a follow-up investor The first 10 ventures across all regions that have received the first tranche of the Final Prize and that have found an investor by 21 November 2021 will receive an additional 10,000 €.



  • Multidisciplinary teams of at least two individuals with an innovative business idea, PoC or prototype in the fields of Digital Industry, Digital Tech, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Finance or Digital Cities.

  • Non legal entities only.

  • Residents of any of the following 20 countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, North Macedonia, Greece, Malta, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine.

READ CAREFULLY: Please read the Rules & Regulations (available soon) before your application:

  • Ljubljana Univeristy in Region 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia
  • Foun.ation in Region 2: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania 
  • Startup Wise Guys in Region 3: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine
  • BGI in Region 4: Malta, Portugal
  • Kraków Technology Park in Region 5: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

Winners 2020

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Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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