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After 4 exciting events under the umbrella of our 2020 EC-OECD Innovation and Growth Webinar Series, we now raise your attention to the 3 final webinars:


1. On Friday, 13 November, 14:00-15:15 (CET), we will be discussing the structural and policy determinants behind the observed declining business dynamism. Flavio Calvino and Rudy Verlhac, Economists at the OECD STI Directorate, will present the paper. Francisco Caballero, Head of Unit 'European Semester and Competitiveness" at DG GROW will discuss the main findings. The webinar will be introduced by Michel Dumont, Senior Analyst, Structural Studies at the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau. You can watch it live here, and check the agenda here for further details.

2. Next week, on Friday, 20 November, 14:00-15:15 (CET), we will be exploring the linkages between public research and innovative startups. Milenko Fadic, Economist at the OECD STI Directorate, will present the paper, followed by a discussion with Lia Karamali, Head of Unit 'Academic R&I and Research Organizations', DG R&I. Pierre Therrien, Senior Director 'Innovation, Science and Economic Development' Canada, will chair the session. You can watch it live here, and check the agenda here for further details.

3. Finally, on Friday, 4 December, 14:00-15:30 (CET), we will conclude the series with a webinar on Working with STI policy evidence: introducing the STIP Data Lab. Magda the Carli, Head of Unit 'ERA&Country Intelligence' at DG R&I will provide opening remarks, followed by a presentation of the STIP Compass project and data lab by Andrés Barreneche, Economist/Policy Analyst at the OECD STI Directorate. A stimulating panel discussion with policy makers from different countries will look into 'how to use the STIP data for analysis and evidence-based policy making'. The final agenda will be available soon on the website.

Please note that as part of this last seminar of 4 December, Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General for DG R&I, together with a high-level OECD representative, will conclude the series and discuss the next steps


All the information is available and regularly updated on the webpage of the EC-OECD webinar series.


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