News archive - Out of the total Number of Bosnian Enterprises, 35.6 Percent introduced One Innovation

Agency for statistic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is publishing data on innovation activity of enterprises referring to the period 2016-2018, obtained through the biennial survey on innovation activities of enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina (INOV). The Survey was carried out on the sample consisting of 3.116 enterprises, with the response rate of enterprises, which completed the questionnaire of 67.8%.

Innovation-active enterprises are those that, in the observation period, have had completed product or process innovation activities and/or ongoing innovation activities at the end of 2018 and/or abandoned innovation activities and/or in-house research and development activities and/or contract-out research and development activities. Innovation activities in the observation period may result in innovation, be ongoing, delayed or abandoned

Out of the total number of enterprises, 35.6% introduced at least one of the above innovation activities in the observation period 2016-2018. In the same observation period, 64.4 % of enterprises have not implemented innovative activities.

Innovation activity of enterprises increases as their size increases. Thus, 59.4% of enterprises in the observed number of large enterprises (250 employees and more) were innovation-active, 46.6% in the observed number of medium enterprises (between 50 and 249 employees), while 31.5% of enterprises in the group of small enterprises (between 10 and 49 employees) were innovation-active

By section of the Classification of Economic Activities 2010, which in its content and structure fully complies with the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities of the EU, NACE Rev.2, the largest number of innovation-active enterprises was recorded in the section Information and communication, 63.9%, and the least innovative enterprises was recorded in the section Mining and quarrying, 17.

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