Winners of the Danubis Young Scientist Award 2019

In the context of the DRC Annual Meeting 2019 the Danubius Award ceremony took place on 7th November 2019.  The Danubius Awards were created in 2011 by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBFW) and the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) with the intention to honor persons with extraordinary achievements in their scientific activity and output in relation to the Danube Region.

The award seeks to encourage young scientists to engage in the scientific examination of problems and questions specifically related to the Danube and to stimulate the scientific community in the Danube region. The award is endowed with 1.200,- Euros for each winner of the Danubius Young Scientist Award. Moreover, thanks to the ongoing kind support by the JRC, the awardees are invited by the European Commission´s Joint Research Centre to visit the JRC in Ispra, Italy in 2020.

Congratulations to all following winners!

Danubius Award 2019
Prof. Ing. Jiří Balík, CSc., dr.h.c. (Czech Republic)

Danubius Mid-Career Award 2019
Dr. Silvija Krajter Ostoić

Danubius Young Scientist Award 2019
Katharina Prochazka
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Omer Kovčić
Kristiyan Lukanov
Kristina Mastanjević
Czech Republic
Martin Klečacký
Tobias Spöri
Katalin Sulyok
Republic of Moldova
Mariana Rosca
Ethem Mandic
Ana Bianca Pavel
Aleksandra Cvetanovic
Slovak Republic
Viktoria Miklosova
Gregor Harih
Tereziia Popovych


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  • Danube Region
  • WBC
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  • General

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