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SME Innoboost provides for the development of data, tools and a system for enhancing the innovation potential and competitiveness of SMEs in the Balkan region in order to contribute to smart and sustainable growth.

In this context the beneficiaries of the project developed the SAT, a self-assessment system based on a questionnaire containing questions organized into economic and organizational categories that, based on expert judgement, determines the profile of the test enterprise, and in particular in this case, its ability to introduce or create innovations and innovative products, services or other type of innovation. After completing the questionnaire, based on a mathematical mechanism / multi-criteria analysis /, the system determines the capabilities of the company, indicating in percentage the capabilities of the company in each category of questions and forms a summary final assessment. Thus, the company can see where its strengths are and where it needs to make additional efforts to be more successful in creating or implementing innovations.

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