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The European Biomass Conference & Exhibition has grown from a small research community biomass conference more than 30 years ago to a well-established international conference, tackling challenges ranging from biomass growth and biomass conversion to bioenergy, biofuels, and bioproducts, sustainability and policies, and to provide a forum for industrial implementation of technologies enabling the transition away from fossil fuels economies.  In 2020, the 28th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition will take place in Marseille - France on April 27-30.

EUBCE will expand its portfolio from energy related biomass production and conversion of bio-based feedstock to other sectors of the economy and will now integrate the bioeconomy into its conference programme.

EUBCE proposes for 2020 a programme that addresses and responds to the present-days challenges and opportunities for the whole biomass sector. The 2020 programme includes a refined topic and subtopic structure, responding to the suggestions from the scientific community and to the observed trends in biomass technologies, ranging from cutting edge research, policies, markets and sustainability to industrial applications. The new, emerging, innovative technologies are important to address as that could have a significant impact on the take-off on the bioeconomy. In particular, in 2020, the conference will dig deeper into the structure, components and role of the emerging bioeconomy, explore the role of agriculture in bioenergy production for energy and bioeconomy transition and seek improving citizen awareness and engagement in support of biomass technologies.

Invited are active workers in the field of biomass utilization, and indeed all people with an interest in being part of the emerging bioeconomy.

This event is supported by European and International organizations.

The technical programme is coordinated by the European Commission, Joint Research Center.

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  • Agricultural Sciences
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