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The European Commission’s Research and Innovation Directorate General hosted the European Research and Innovation Days at the KANAL - Centre Pompidou in Brussels where the 2019 event focus was on EU research and scientific excellence.

At this three-day inaugural event, Commissioner Carlos Moedas met with Kavli and Nobel Laureates and awarded successful EU projects. Stakeholders and citizens also discussed the future of the research and innovation landscape and took part in the co-creation process to shape the strategic priorities and plan for Horizon Europe (2021-2027), the EU’s next research and innovation programme.  The consensus was that the structure and priorities for the first years of Horizon Europe can support Europe to achieve solutions for sustainability.

The event welcomed a variety of speakers, including ministers, European Commissioners and members of the European Parliamentary, as well as policymakers, EU-funded researchers and investors. It featured three key elements: a high-level Policy Conference, the Innovative Europe Hub and the ‘Science is Wonderful!’ exhibition of EU-funded projects.

The Policy Conference commenced with opening speeches from Commissioner for Research Carlos Moedas and Director General Jean-Eric Paque who touched upon the need for European science to be inclusive and disruptive for greater impact as well as the importance of sharing research achievements with the public. On the topic of communication, Commissioner Moedas said: “It is about telling the stories with assertiveness, without being afraid and thinking: No, we’re not good enough. The US is better. Be careful about China. We are good! We are much better than what we sell ourselves.”

The Innovative Europe Hub, which included brokerage spaces, participatory and cooperative and pitching sessions, provided innovators, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to network and engage in matchmaking. The ‘Science is Wonderful!’, a free exhibition, brought science to the public and showcased the best of EU research and innovation.

In addition to the three key elements, a ‘Horizon Village’ was present at the event. It was here attendees shared their thoughts to shape the priorities for the first phase of Horizon Europe implementation, ensuring it best fits the needs of citizens. The Village included an information centre and 21 homes, each dedicated to a specific topic of Horizon Europe.

As many as 4 000 people took part in what has been described as a very successful event. Carlos Moedas said, “the dedication, energy and creativity of the participants in the European Research and Innovation Days are truly inspirational. Their contributions are invaluable for securing the success of Horizon Europe.”

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