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Minister of Science, Dr. Sanja Damjanović, presented today the scholarships for doctoral research, grants for innovative projects and European Social Survey and awards for scientific achievements in 2018 at a recent ceremony.

In her address to numerous officials and winners of scholarships, grants and awards, Minister Damjanović said that the ceremony marked the work of the Ministry as well, because it allocated funds amounting to EUR 1.5 million in a single day. She stressed that the previous two years were challenging, and that the work of the Ministry was characterised by exceptional dynamics and the launching of many new initiatives and projects aimed at building a more efficient national scientific-innovative ecosystem.
The Minister further emphasised that the Ministry of Science initiated the implementation of a major international research infrastructure, in order to empower excellence and regain the tradition of technological development in the region of Southeast Europe.
"Thanks to a 60% increase in budget of the Ministry of Science for 2018, we were able to set ambitious goals and begin to achieve them. We are guided by an ambitious vision, knowing that Montenegro has exceptional people and that our country can achieve much more in this area.
Creative people are our biggest capital. For this reason, all of our programmes have a component of employment of young and highly qualified people. In addition, Montenegro must be oriented towards innovation in order to have a chance in the global economy. Technological development and innovation are key drivers of knowledge-based economic development as they open up space for creating new products and services, as well as for new jobs. 
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