News archive - Research infrastructure in the Danube region: consultation on recommendations and guidelines

ResInfra@DR project's consultation event in Budapest

During the ResInfra@DR Interreg project's consultation event in Budapest, policymakers and research infrastructure stakeholders were consulted on the draft recommendations and guidelines on good practices in research infrastructure setup and operation.
Altogether, five draft documents prepared by the project partners were discussed during the event. They include a set of recommendations for policymakers and one for research infrastructure managers as well as practical guidelines for monitoring the success of research infrastructure, for measuring their socio-economic impact, and for ex-ante evaluation.
During lively discussions, stakeholders contributed their experiences in policy and management-related aspects of research infrastructure operation, and gave a number of suggestions on how to revise the draft documents to make them even more relevant to their target audiences.
The ResInfra@DR project co-funded by ERDF and IPA funds under the Danube Transnational Programme includes a number of Danube-region countries including some Western Balkans countries, notably Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro. In this way, once finished the recommendations and guidelines documents will provide policymakers and stakeholders from Western Balkans countries a set of tools and methods on how to benefit from European and Danube-region good practices in making their research infrastructures more effective and relevant for their national innovation systems.

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