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VI-SEEM project has entered its final phase where its Virtual Research Environment and related supporting infrastructure, services and data are in full exploitation mode. Recently the project newsletter was released and below you can find some key information out of it.

The VI-SEEM services of the Virtual Research Environment are provided through a compact service catalogue available at, while the VRE portal at provides a comprehensive environment for collaborative research for the communities of Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

VI-SEEM third Call for Proposals for projects accessing the VI-SEEM services and associated infrastructure is now open. The call is addressed to scientists and researchers that work in academic and research institutions in the region in the fields of Life Sciences, Climate research, and Digital Cultural Heritage, and we are excited to welcome new applications and user groups in joining our community. Find below the related entry

VI-SEEM also opened a continuous call for SMEs, to encourage collaboration between industry and the scientific communities and explore prospects for long-term sustainability of the VRE. Find below more information.


Background info

VI-SEEM is a three-year project that aims at creating a unique Virtual Research Environment in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, in order to facilitate regional interdisciplinary collaboration, with special focus on the scientific communities of Life Sciences, Climatology and Digital Cultural Heritage.
VI-SEEM unifies existing e-Infrastructures into an integrated platform to better utilize synergies, for an improved service provision that will leverage strengthen the research capacities of user communities, thus improving research productivity and competitiveness on the pan-European level.
The project kicked-off in October 2015 and the consortium consists of 16 partners: lead institutes from the SEEM region, specializing in provision of scientific computing and storage resources, and scientific user support. 

Geographical focus
  • SEE
  • WBC
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
  • General

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