News archive - [Call for Applications] DMI - Looking for a national expert for "Support to National Employment Service of Serbia to expand labour market research instruments and analyses" in Serbia - Deadline Today!

DMI associates is currently looking for experts in the field of labour market analysis and labour market trends, with experience gained throught assignements conducted in Serbia and with professional english skills, in the frame of a Framework contract that our company implements for the European Training Foundation (ETF),

The assignment is for Support to National Employment Service of Serbia to expand labour market research instruments and analyses.

The expert should be of category II : 5 to 10 years experience

 Mission starting date:   1st July 2017 ( 25 working days)

 The specific requirement for the experts selection are:

Expert profile N° 1 National Expert

ETF requests CVs of national experts of Category II (5-10 years of experience)


CVs received that fulfil these basic requirements will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Criteria 1. Specific area of expertise required

Extensive knowledge and experience of approaches and methodologies for conducting labour market demand and enterprise surveys, as well on labour market analysis

Experience in implementing surveys, including hands-on expertise in questionnaire design and analysing survey dataand statistics

Experience in forecasting labour market trends and/or occupational demand

Knowledge and experience required above should be proven by relevant reports and/or research projects and consultancy assignments

Criteria 2. Country specific knowledge/ experience

Experience in similar assignments supported by national or international partners and organisations in Serbia

Criteria 3. Drafting / presentation skills

Good drafting and analytical skills, proven by a list of policy reports and/or research papers

Criteria 4. Language skills

Excellent English, reading, written and spoken (C1 level)

Excellent Serbian, reading, written and spoken (C2 level/mother tongue)

 Note that to be eligible, an expert should cover all listed criteria, and that Civil servants are not eligible. 

If you they interested, they can send their CV, preferably in the Europass template (I attached a model in this email), adapted to the expert selection criteria detailed in this table, before the 20/06/2017, to Maria Schneider and Samira SAID.

Find attached a copy of the term for reference for the assignement as well as a Europass template to be used for the CVS. You will also find forwarded the additional informations to be send directly to interested parties.

Source: email

Geographical focus
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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