News archive - [Call for Abstracts] Conference "Feminism, Anarchism and Capitalism", Belgrade. Deadline: July 30, 2016

You are invited  to take part in the conference "Feminism, Anarchism and Capitalism." which will be held on 27 and 28 January 2017 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and in the cultural center " MAGACIN " in Belgrade, Savamala.  

The problem of meaning and the importance of freedom in the contemporary society, together with the problem of the relationship between social control, scrutiny and the individual wellbeing and freedom have received special significance today – the concept and the politics of democracy have been increasingly promoted as politics of “safe” and organized society, while “safe” society actually relates to the powerful hierarchy of social control, supervision and scrutiny which influence everyday life of each of us. At the same time, the neoliberal ideology endorses deregulation, free market and unlimited privatization as the key definitions of freedom, although they are related to extreme exploitation and have had devastated effect on natural resources.

The rising of new subversive movements, direct actions and civil associations, which oppose the oppression caused by the logic of the
neoliberal capitalism and its influence on the structural adjustment of many societies, combined with the global financial crisis, put forwards the question about the place and the role of anarchism as theory and as a practice today.

The conference will be focused on the following issues:

  • Neo-liberalism and feminism today - the collaboration or resistance
  • Female icons of neoliberalism , patriarchy and anarchism
  • Anarchist critique of the state and the oppression and feminist critique of patriarchy – overlaps, comparability
  • A feminist critique of the state and the anarchist critique of patriarchy
  • Anarcha-feminism today and in the past
  • Place of feminism in anarchist movements, women in anarchist movementstoday
  • Eco - feminism, LGBT, feminism and marginal groups
  • New forms of regulation of labor and the status of women, strategies of resistance
  • Marriage, reproduction, sexuality from the neo-liberal, anarchist and feminist perspective – comparisons
  • Local anarcha - feminist initiative, experience; the relationship ofanarchism , anarcha - feminism and the feminist movement locally
  • Intersectional aspects of oppression and modes of resistance
  • Online networking and online control, cyber-feminism
  • Biotechnology and oppression
  • Contemporary armed conflicts - neoliberal, anarchist and feminist perspective - women as victims and women as actors
  • Regulated and unregulated migratory movements, women in migrations

Proposals from the academic and from the activists community are highly welcome. You can submit proposals of papers, panels, additional workshops etc.

Please, send the abstracts of 500-1000 words to the Feminist Forum at:  by *30 July 2016 *

Proposals will be reviewed and selected by *1 September 2016*.

The full versions of papers should be written in Serbian (or any of the regional languages ​​of South Eastern Europe) and in English
(English is mandatory) and sent by *31 December 2016*.

Peer-reviewed articles will be published in electronic or printed format and in the special issue of one of the regional academic journals.

The official conference languages: Serbian and English.

Registration fee for participation in the conference is *20 Euro*.

The free accommodation will be provided for a limited number of participants.

There are a lot of opportunities for finding accommodation in apartments ( ), hotels and hostels
( in Belgrade, near the venue of the conference. (You can ask for assistance)

For further information you can write at:

Dr Nada Sekulić, Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Marija Radoman (doctoral student, research assisstant, Institute for Sociological Research, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Relja Knezević (doctoral student, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade)

Dr Mila Popović  (activist)​


Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
  • Social Sciences

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