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On 13-14 April 2016, the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) gathered in Bečići, Montenegro, for its 196th meeting. Opened by the Minister of Science, Prof. Sanja Vlahović, it was the first CSO meeting hosted in Montenegro.

Prof. Vlahović expressed her gratitude for the support her country had been given by the COST Association. The Minister welcomed the opportunity for Montenegrin researchers to network with peers from all over Europe, learn from colleagues, share knowledge and expertise. Since Montenegro joined the COST Association in May 2015 , the number of Montenegrin researchers in COST Actions has doubled, which will help increase the country’s international competitiveness.  

The President of the COST Association, Dr Ángeles Rodríguez-Peña thanked Prof. Vlahović for hosting the event and highlighted the strong commitment Montenegro had shown over the previous year.

Dr Ángeles Rodríguez-Peña and Minister of Science, Prof. Sanja Vlahovic (Montenegro) at the first COST General Assembly meeting held in Montenegro

The COST Committee of Senior Officials is the COST Association’s General Assembly, i.e. the intergovernmental decision-making body, meeting two times a year. The next CSO meeting will take place in October 2016. Browse our CSO press releases library and learn more about the CSO’s activities.

Montenegro was admitted as the 36th Member of the COST Association in May 2015. 

Formerly a COST Near Neighbour Country, Montenegro has already been actively participating in a number of COST Actions, covering scientific and technological research activities spanning various fields, such as Forestry, Information and Communication Technologies, and Food and Agriculture.

Being a Full Member of the COST Association entitles researchers, engineers and scholars from Montenegro to thoroughly benefit from the COST networking opportunities. Furthermore, Montenegro now has the right to attend and to vote at the CSO meetings through its appointed representatives. The entire list of rights corresponding to Full Membership can be found under the COST Association Approved Statutes .

As part of the COST Inclusiveness Target Countries*, Montenegro will become a key contributor to the Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy of COST. The Inclusiveness Policy of COST reflects the will to actively engage with researchers, engineers and scholars from less connected research communities and systematically involve young investigators and female researchers. The COST Inclusiveness activities will contribute to ehhancing capacity building and to bringing together outstanding researchers who are not yet well integrated in European and global research.

More on Montenegrin admission to the COST Association please find here

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