News archive - Call for institutional partnership RRPP Local Coordination Unit (LCU) Albania period: February 2014 – September 2016

The RRPP Management, implemented by the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, is launching a call for partnership with an institution/organisation in Albania that is interested to act as its Local Coordination Unit (LCU). The deadline for applications is December 20th.

The call is open to public and accredited private universities, non-governmental organisations and independent research institutes that are sharing RRPP’s objectives and are interested to contribute to their reaching (see Terms of Reference for LCU). 

The Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP ), implemented by the University of Fribourg, started in 2008 and aims at fostering and promoting social science research in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia). 
The RRPP provides research grants for regional projects, offers methods and thematic trainings for researchers, organises international scientific conferences and promotes policy dialogues whose main goal is to trigger off systemic changes in the social science research sector. Furthermore, it focuses on advancing research in social sciences with a special attention to the younger and female researchers, while supporting transformation-relevant research conducive to influence the change processes and to make a contribution to social, political and economic reforms. 
The RRPP has become a well-known regional Programme in the Western Balkans exclusively dedicated to research in the field of social sciences (political science, sociology, media and cultural studies, gender studies, economy, anthropology, demography, social work, education sciences, etc.). It helps researchers and research institutions attaining the international standards and thus enhancing their professional capacities and networks. 
Throughout the 2008-2013 period, under the umbrella topic “Political, Social and Economic Change in the Western Balkans”, the RRPP has supported 50 research projects  (26 regional and 24 national) valuing 3.7 million CHF. By June 2013, a total of 18 regional trainings  have been organised and conducted by international specialists for research methods and management, gathering more than 300 participants. In order to improve the capacity building impact and research quality, the RRPP has not only included international mentors into the projects but also 
financed individual mentoring sessions and participation at international conferences for research teams and individuals. 
In order to make the link between research and policy-making more relevant, the RRPP has initiated several projects related to “National Policy Dialogues ” in all countries involved. These focused projects are being conducted in close cooperation with the LCUs and are aimed at influencing necessary systemic changes in social science research, simultaneously involving a number of relevant stakeholders such as ministers/ministries, rectors, deans and researchers from different disciplines and media. 
Finally, by June 2013, five annual scientific conferences  have been organised, involving over 520 regional and international scholars and policy-makers. Apart from the benefits gained via networking, such conferences provide researchers with an opportunity to present their work and exposing it to critical review. 


Applications may be submitted by research institutions (public universities and institutes, private accredited universities, non-governmental organisations, independent research institutes) from Albania. 

Evaluation criteria: 
- Institutional capacities (technical and human resources, internal policies related to gender-equality and fair working conditions); 
- Sound financial management capacities, including financial controlling systems, ability to open and manage separate bank accounts and adherence to good governance principles (accountability, efficiency, non-discrimination, participation, transparency); 
- Financial management history (record of externally audited accounts of projects); 
- Scientific competence of the applicants (scientific record, quality of scientific projects in the area of social sciences and their relevance for the RRPP research network; 
- Record of policy-relevant projects or products and ability to coordinate policy dialogues in the area of social sciences; 
- Regional networking capacities including record of regional partnerships with special attention to research; 
- Record of other internationally managed or co-implemented projects; 
- Offered in-kind contribution to the programme (part of salaries, working space, equipment) 

For more information on the application procedures and documents as well as about the annual budget please read carefully the document here and refer to the original information source here


December 20, 2013. Applications sent after this date will not be considered. 
Selection process 
The proposals will be reviewed by the RRPP management at the University of Fribourg in cooperation with the SDC Office in Albania. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a presentation meeting around mid of January 2014. Final decisions shall be made by the end of January 2014. 
Envisaged start of cooperation: February 2014. The cooperation agreements are to be signed on a yearly basis. 





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