News archive - [Event Review] WIDER Project: Steering Committee and Innovation Fair in Barcelona

The Steering Committee Meeting and the Innovation Fair of the project WIDER (“Green growing of SMEs: Innovation and development in the energy sector in MED area”) took place in Barcelona (Spain) on 18-20 November 2013, on the premises of ACCIÓ (project partner). Ten project partners gathered to discuss the ongoing and planned activities of the project including the first WIDER Innovation Fair.

The Fair gathered about 90 participants and proved to be a exceptional opportunity to strengthen transnational cooperation between and among research, development and innovation centres, intermediary bodies, public entities, end-user representatives and mostly businesses and Micro and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) related to the eco-smart housing for independent living of an aging population in regional industrial areas. The meeting was attended by the seven MED countries covered by the project (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina), as well as by Croatia and Ukraine.

The event focused on the spatial context, what the barriers mean to an innovative emerging market of this kind and how they could be dismantled for new potential incomers.
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