News archive - [Upcoming Conference] Between Sustainability and Dependence: 20 Years of Media Assistance in Western Balkans

The Center for Social Research Analitika from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Center for Research and Policy Making from FYR of Macedonia, the Albanian Media Institute, from Albania, and the Democracy for Development from Kosovo*, is organizing the international conference ”Between Sustainability and Dependence: 20 Years of Media Assistance in Western Balkans“. The conference is organised within the framework of the RRPP research project Development of Functional Media Institutions in Western Balkans - A Comparative Study.

During last 20 years, numerous media assistance programs have been deployed in the countries of Western Balkans with the aim to develop an independent, professional and sustainable media sector and to support overall democratization. 

This conference aims to discuss the internationally-led media assistance programs, and whether or not they were instrumental for media reforms in the countries of the Western Balkans – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia – trying to understand the link between deployed assistance strategies and achieved results in the local context. 

Questions to be addressed are: Can external media assistance result in the creation of sustainable media institutions? How does the context influence the development of media institutions and media outlets that have been established by external influences? Whether or not and how different approaches to media assistance might have different outcomes in terms of sustainability of assistance results in a given context? And how does the interaction between domestic and international actors shape the outcome of institutional building?


Please register for the conference by sending an email to Ms. Nermina Vračo or you can contact us by phone at (+ 387) 33 215 825. Due to a limited number of available seats, those interested to participate should confirm their attendance before September 20, 2013.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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